Get Ready to Hit the Slopes

Winter is just around the corner!
Are you “slope ready?”
Hit the slopes in shape for skiing. Avoid the first few weeks of suffering through quad burn, fatigue, and potential injury.

Benefits of exercising before skiing...

1. Leg Strength...

2. Stamina....

3. Agility..

4. Balance...

5. Coordination..

So Are You Interested in ski improvement?

Maybe you turn better one way than the other?
Remember this program was created by a strength trainer who is also a ski instructor. It's built for skiers.

This program can help with your ski performance because it is designed to improve strength and mobility for the movements you need for skiing. Hint: This includes single-leg exercises!

This program will completely revolutionise your skiing?

This ski training program will:
• improve your mobility
• increase your strength
• increase your stamina
• reduce muscle imbalances

And THAT will make you a better skier.
Also There's one more Huge benefit:
Training for skiing also makes you feel great when you are not on-snow!

I look forward to hearing how you dominated the mountain this season!

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